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Paul Haeberli

As of April 2004, I have a new project, developing methods of fabricating precise free form structures from planar material. If you'd like to take a look, go to Lamina Design.

Until August 1999, I was a computer graphics researcher at Silicon Graphics. I started at SGI in February 1983, working with Tom and Rocky and Dave and Kurt and Jim and Henry and Mark and Marc. I did horribly unpleasant stuff for about 6 years. Then I got a research position where I could explore computer graphics full time.

In 1994, I was inspired by Dave Brown to convert much of my unpublished work to HTML. This research is available in GRAFICA Obscura.

I'd like to thank Forest Baskett and SGI for letting me do this. Thanks also to Seth Teller for comments on the printed version of the web site.