GRAFICA Obscura in Print

Paul Haeberli

Aug 1995

Horiz Bar

A portable printed version of the complete contents of Alpha 0.41 of GRAFICA Obscura has been produced. This edition elaborates 17 topics, and lists 24 topics to be added in the future. Therefore, the book is 17/(24+17) = 41.46% complete.

A small edition of 500 copies was created using a modified version of NCSA Mosaic to generate PostScript. A compressed 62 megabyte PostScript file was FTP'ed to a digital printing service in San Francisco where the books were printed on a 600 dpi Xerox Docutech printer and bound.

The print version has a fluid user interface, and a high resolution display that is powered by ambient light. It boots instantly and is portable and wireless. This limited edition was distributed at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles in early August, 1995.

The book is 5.38 by 8.15 inches, with 148 pages, in softcover.

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