Geometric Paper Folding: Dr. David Huffman

Nov 1996

Horiz Bar

David Huffman has been creating some very complex and original folded structures. He works with both straight and curved folds, using mathematical techniques that he has developed over many years.

Mr. Huffman teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Here are three examples of his work.

The piece above was created by 4 parabolic curved folds that meet in a central square.

This "earthquake" pattern consists of many straight folds. The position of each fold was calculated and plotted on the surface by hand.

Here 4 free hand curves were used to make this unusual surface.

A very simple surface can be made by making two folds in the center, one straight and one curved.

These two folds conspire to remove material from the center of the sheet. A symmetric saddle structure results.

An recent paper appearing in SigGraph 2008, entitled " Curved Folding " discusses computer simulation and modelling of curved folds.