A Collection of Digital Images

Paul Haeberli

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A short movie clip of the Pulgas water temple (244kB)

The following images were created using an automatic image merging technique.

A lily composite

The Pulgas Water Temple

James Austin of Alchemy Metalworks

My desk composited from 5 images

These are photographs of the house of the Mazzotti family in Albisola near Genoa, Italy. This building is a beautiful example of Italian Futurist architecture.

The side of Casa Mazzotti in Albisola

The side door of Casa Mazzotti

The front of Casa Mazzotti

This picture was created using a synthetic lighting technique.

Some candles before a mirror

The top of the Pulgas water temple

A duotoned image of a gear

6 video frame grabbed images of some tulips

Some tulip petals

Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Wisconsin

A description of how to make this folded paper sculpture is available.

A beautiful gear

Lalique art glass

Some digitally stirred paint

Me, Me, Me

A stool by James Austin

An office table by James Austin

A detail of the construction of the desk

Two sun flowers

Tango: A crayon version of a painting by Kupka

Some hand made match boxes

Enhanced image of a transom on Jackson street in San Francisco

A Rolls-Royce automobile

A digital photograph by Rolf van Widenfelt

A glass of wine